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Rolling shutter Industrial Doors

Industrial Rolling shutter


Our Single steel profile & double steel & aluminium insulated profile is rolling doors are thermally insulated with colour-coating are available in tailor made sizes and are used for a wide variety of applications. Rolling door curtain, double-walled. Lateral end sliding pieces prevent the slats from slipping out of position. Galvanized steel or aluminium side rails can be welded for installation or used with steel holders for less door running noise. A flanged steel roller with a minimum diameter is used to wind the curtain more efficiently. Large-sized self-aligning ball bearings accommodate the, mounted on consoles. Electrical drive with worm gear totally enclosed and oil-proof requires no maintenance. Includes an integrated electromagnetic brake which can operate in any position with reversing safeguard and precisely adjusted safety end switches, protection IP 54. The drive can be operated with the hand-crank in an emergency. Operated by means of a surface-mounted push button “up-stop- down” on the inside of the door in a dead-man’s switch.




  • Original and innovative design
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet yet powerful at the same time
  • Incorporated capacitor
  • Manual release with customized key
  • Kit package complete with all accessories
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