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High Security Sliding Gate.

High security sliding gates designed and manufactured to suit your specific site requirements. Typically used in locations where a high security profile is of paramount importance; oil refineries, defence sites, Government offices, utilities, police stations, research and pharmaceutical companies With a vast range of infill options, drive solutions and capable of being supplied in any width or height, Our gate provides the perfect solution where high usage and high security demand a very special product

Opening width: 3.0 m to 7.0m
Standard height of the gate: 2.0/2.5/3.0m depending on the variant
Impact rate: M50 (K12) (7.5 tons truck travelling at 80km/h)
Variant: Bottom tracked, impact rated gate with shallow foundation, surface of foundation is 100mm below road level
Bottom or top track:   Bottom track, head of rail 20mm above (standard) or equal to road level (option)
Operational safety:   Special safety edges and light beams
Maintenance and care: No increased maintenance and care in comparison to other known sliding door or swinging door installations necessary
Areas of application:   For preventing forceful infiltration of vehicle at facilities with high risk of terroristic attacks (i.e. embassies, military or police stations etc.).
Opening/closing speed:   up to 0.4 m/sec (EFO speed up to 0.8m/sec.)
Locking:    In closed status, or automatically during power failure
Drive:     1.1kW 3-phase motor (3 ~ 400V 50Hz) optional with frequency converter (3 x 230V)
Control:   PLC 24V DC with cabinet (IP 54) 600x600x300mm installed in drive cabinet
Opening/closing direction:  sliding 90 degrees to passage direction
Inspections/tests: Tested according to the European Standards for gates EN13241, ASTM F 2656-M50 (K12) certificate (7.0m cwo)
Weight:    approx. 4000-5500 kg
Colour Standard:   RAL 6005, 7016, 7030 ,7035, 9010 Optional: All RAL colours