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Dock leveller

Dock Leveller

 Hinge & telescopic lip hydraulic dock leveller creates a perfect, safe and user-friendly bridge between the work floor in the building and the floor of a truck. When loading or unloading, materials handling equipment can be manoeuvred in and out of the vehicle across an even surface, continuously and in perfect safety



 The chassis is made of pressed steel plate. The deck is made of anti-slip checker plate and reinforced on the underside using steel profiles. The lip, which is also made of anti-slip checker plate, is connected to the deck across its full width by a pivot arrangement.


 As standard, all fabricated steel components are blasted, primed and then painted in RAL 5010 (blue).


Hydraulic system

 Separate hydraulic cylinders operate the deck and the hinge lip. The hydraulic power pack required for operation is mounted in the front of the dock leveller. A low pressure system is used.


Control system

 A printed circuit board in the control box controls all functions. As a standard, this control box with control buttons is mounted at 1500 mm above floor level next to the clear opening. The control system includes an interlock safety (option); the leveller will only function if the interlocked industrial door is in a safe position.