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High-speed roll-up door


High-speed roll-up door
The door is a real all-rounder! It can be used as inside door or as hall closure. For each opening which is extremely often passed by forklift trucks, the high-speed roll-up door is a high-quality solution. Wind, negative pressure, heat or cold and draft air cannot affect the curtain: It is always in shape and can be wound up and unwound without any problems and at any time. It The extraordinarily heavy-duty hangings are available fully transparent or in different colours.
Structure realised with pressed sheet profile in galvanised steel, Flexible mantle in PVC double-coated polyester fabric, class 2, self-extinguishing fireproofed, provided with heat-welded pockets for reinforcing pipes and 1 row of transparent windows on 3rd sector (at man’s eyes height)
Reinforcing pipes in galvanised steel against wind and/or sinking, fitted into heat-welded pockets on the mantle, easily sliding in case of crash, to be straightened or replaced.
Flanged tubular galvanised shaft, rolling on supports provided with self-aligning bearings.
Self-braking asynchronous three-phase motor, power supply 380/400 V, with 1 HP (0,75 Kw), rapid magnetic blocking brake and motor cover in galvanised sheet.
Release motor lever and hand crank for emergency manual opening (in case of power failure or breakdown).
Opening-closing speed: 0,6 – 0,7 m./sec.
WARRANTY: 1 year with a maximum of 100.000 working cycles