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Portable Barriers

Begin installation in the morning…have protection by lunch. Delta’s quick deployment, modular portable solutions can be rapidly set up on existing concrete or asphalt roads, level compacted soils and other hard surfaces. No excavation or sub-surface preparation is required. Delta’s portable barriers are used around the world. The Social Security Administration used them as temporary barriers to its headquarters while permanent Delta stainless steel bollards were being installed. The Department of State uses them to protect embassies in locations where permanent barricades are not feasible. So easy to implement Since the unfilled buttresses, or pods, weigh less than 700 pounds (318 kg), they and the other modular sections are easily moved with a small forklift, pallet jack or handcart. Forklift slots facilitate moving and positioning of the pods. Assembled and interlocked with quick lock-unlock pins in only two hours, the buttresses are then filled with concrete. These hydraulic units operate manually or with locally-supplied power or batteries. The can be controlled automatically or via remote control using hardwired or RF links, card readers, key switches, local guard pushbutton stations or any combination. They can be sized to provide pass-through rates suitable for most inspection and identification station requirements.