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High security bollard

Protect your facility and its aesthetics with Delta high security bollard systems. Raise and lower in seconds. Select the level of security that is required for your application. Delta bollards meet or exceed U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense certifications. You have the assurance that the bollards you are employing for physical vehicle security have been tested to the highest standards for repelling terrorist attacks. Such strength is important whether you’re planning to secure a military base, warehouse or parked freight trailer.


Bollards Delta's bollard systems operate individually or in groups up to ten and are used for intermediate level security applications. Individual bollards are up to 13.25 inches (336 mm) in diameter, up to 35 inches high (889 mm) and are usually mounted on 3-foot centers. Hydraulic and pneumatic versions can be operated by a variety of control systems. Manual versions are counter balanced and lock in the up or down position. All models are crash rated and may be lowered to allow passage of authorized vehicles. Single to multiple bollard arrays can be packaged to meet site-specific applications. These bollard arrays can operate individually or in groups of sets, such as a six-bollard system running as two sets of three to control a two-lane entrance and exit.

Bollards can be beautiful. With Delta bollards, create the look you want…faceted, fluted, tapered, rings and ripples, colors, pillars, shields, emblems, logos…you decide. You can specify having ornamental steel trim attached directly to the bollard or select cast sleeves of aluminum, iron or bronze, which slip right over the crash tube. Bollards can be galvanized for corrosion resistance, fitted with an internal warning light for increased visibility and engineered to suit high traffic volumes. If damaged, you simply slip off the old and slip on the new. With Delta’s revolutionary designer bollards – DSC701, DSC720 and DSC800 – your first level of security will accent and enhance your architecture. With their good looks, the bollards you’ve always wanted to use out back can also be brought out front to hold a spot for visiting dignitaries or protect the front lobby.